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Why anarchism implies the abolition of animal exploitation

We, people having anarchist political opinions, do not believe in the nonsense that God created humans and gave them permission to subjugate all other inhabitants of this planet. This belief, propagated by Christianity for centuries, has contaminated our entire culture, causing humans to make suffer, kill, and cage other sentient beings simply because they are not of our species. Even some atheists are influenced by this view, so much so that it has permeated the whole society. We, people having anarchist political opinions, will fight this outdated belief and make sure that even the smallest residues of it are totally wiped out in our culture. We, people having anarchist political opinions, are against the destruction of the environment caused by the lust for profit and capitalism. We see that the first victims of this degradation are the other animals who see their habitats destroyed for the satisfaction of the futile interests of some humans. We can only realize that such destructi